Happy Halloween to all!

Yeah! I won the first price for the best Halloween costume in Sarbakan! Wow! A nice 40$ to spend on a new cooking pan! YEEPPEE! Cheer to all
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Pascal hommage and Halloween stuff!

Lily of the Jungle
A quick hommage to super Pascal Campion (just love those elephants)!

There my mega Jean-Charles-Robot III. I always wanted to have that kind of costume when I was a little girl..!!!!Soooo this year I decided to do it!! Great fun :0-D!

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Long time no see!

...An ogly sea monster for the drawing club! Jacques one of my job mates and a guy I saw in ''Le Dauphin'' pub in Quebec downtown.

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Aristote et Clémance

I'm rusty! But there a quick one...I'm also thinking about trying some more complete illustration eventually work on a children book project !

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Jetlag zombie!

I'm back after an incredible journey around Europe...a quick day nap before going back to work!!

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