A little hommage for one of my jobmate (and friend) Rémi ! That I always admire for is patience and is generosity! ( well he showed me everything than I know in Flash and only for that you need a LOT of patience :))
Good luck in your new work Super Rémi! :)
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Sex Shop!

A very quick junk again! And the SexShop near my place!
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There some days like that!

Hope tomorrow will be a better one!
You can see the playback on this one on facebook ( just tap Kaboche Nook) And I would like to see some other illustrators playbacks as well to see how you guys work ;0-)!!
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2 birds for the Wednesday ''Sarbadraw''! One with the Nancy Sinatra look the other one a little bit more vamp cartoony!I will try to start doodling people in the street my character look a bit stiff.
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Urbania Autum 2007

In the next Urbania Mag! http://www.urbania.ca/WEB/index.html
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We had to explain in a small strip why we hated/loved Montréal! In my case I can't hide I really like every strange and funny surprises about it!
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Another facebook-sketch-gringo with a nice spelling mistake!

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Dino for fun!

Didn't had the time to finish that one grrr! à suivre...


Action de Grâce: Happy Thanksgiving, Canuckistan style

Actually Turkey, is more for Xmas for me! But I’m sure I will eat some nice apple tart at me Grand-Mom place, and sleep a lot on next Monday!

Have a nice weekend!

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Muse Tunes!

Some Muse to kick me through this day!

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