Happy Holidays!

Shame on me !
I won't have the time to finish that one!

But anyway the intention is there!!!
MERRY XMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 to everybody! :D

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Xmas nightmare

Quick doodle!I hate xmas shopping, the looping music, the unhappy client beurk!...I just ask a clerk in a toy store I really love is answer!

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Super Friday!

Satané Ordimachin and a quick pumpkin for the Banu's Drawing Club!

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Happy Halloween to all!

Yeah! I won the first price for the best Halloween costume in Sarbakan! Wow! A nice 40$ to spend on a new cooking pan! YEEPPEE! Cheer to all
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Pascal hommage and Halloween stuff!

Lily of the Jungle
A quick hommage to super Pascal Campion (just love those elephants)!

There my mega Jean-Charles-Robot III. I always wanted to have that kind of costume when I was a little girl..!!!!Soooo this year I decided to do it!! Great fun :0-D!

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Long time no see!

...An ogly sea monster for the drawing club! Jacques one of my job mates and a guy I saw in ''Le Dauphin'' pub in Quebec downtown.

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Aristote et Clémance

I'm rusty! But there a quick one...I'm also thinking about trying some more complete illustration eventually work on a children book project !

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Jetlag zombie!

I'm back after an incredible journey around Europe...a quick day nap before going back to work!!

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Officially on HOLIDAYS! YEEEESSS!!!!!!

Yes at last!
I'm on my way to Europe. A complete month of crazy travelling around!! If ever you want to follow my trip, take a look at my travel pod.
Take care
See you guys in October!

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I use to love that stop motion show sooo much when I was a little girl...Sadly I can't find any dvd compilation :0-p.


And a '' Never Happy Princess'' for what I don't know just a good laugh to do!
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That's probably the most cheesy ''pinky soap'' drawing on this blog! LOL! I sketch it while listening to Billy Joel's Uptown Girl. Look like some spot on the way uptown Quebec. Well quite a warm sketch to fight against the cold rain of the last few days...! I will try to get this one in color before my travel hopefully!

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Happy beurre-day to me!

Houaaaa..allready another one! Time to party! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XOY7lsBVpo

Merci à Steph et Alain pour le Bailey's j'ai eu de la classe hihihi!

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Morning doodle while listening to the last Wyclef Jean.

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Kung Fu Penda!

Just fell in love with the character design (and background) work in that movie! I need to get the work in progress book!

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I intend to take it easy for the next days to rest, and work on my website. I need to hibernate a bit! See you guys soon!


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Ironic post after my ''Ugly duck '' one ;0-). But there a nice looking guy I saw at lunch time.

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Ugly little duck!

The inspiration came after reading a old childhood book I just find yesterday in one of my boxes!

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Evil 2by4!

A very rough one after a conversation with Monsieur Keane! We where joking about the utility of braking pieces of board in some martial art class. Well very handy if you're walking in a dark forest and SUDDENLY surrounded buy wild evil flying 2by4 ..

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Gribouillage à 17:00 jeudi 12 Juin//Drawing session at 17:00, Thursday 12th June

Pique-Nique-Gribouillage au Parc Victoria. Apporter vos sketchbooks et du vin. ;0-) // Picnic-Drawing session in Parc Victoria ! Bring your sketchbooks, and some wine. ;0-)

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Jeanine II

I won't have the time to put some colors on this one again! Anyway there my contribution for

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MikeD Grand-Maman!

This guy always amaze me with is characters and ideas check out is blog!

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Boum badaBoum!

Now it's time for mister sun, nice company, music and B.B.Q at LAST :0-D !!!

I will have more time to post some complete illustration but for the moment is time to dance and have fun!

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Fred-02 / Val-01

Stuff to laugh at the job! Click to enlarge!

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