A nice guy late for work!

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What can I say it's spring soon! ( sigh! :0-))
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Working Bee!

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Quick doodle for fun!
There a couple of very busy week ahead!
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Quick junk 4 fun!

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Danses Dynamiques <---> Dynamics Dances

2 of my jobmates did this site after there ''unbelievable'' ( but dubious ;0-) dance performance at the SarbaXmas 2008! Click here: http://dansesdynamiques.blogspot.com/

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San Francisco + Expo in Astoria

I'm going to San Francisco next month with my jobmate Chantale: http://www.terminus1525.ca/studio/view/5075 We go there for a quick visit and to see what's going on illustration/animation wise. We are both really excited to see new stuff at last!

BUT! Before the aerial turbulence, I need to do 3 frames for an expo in Astoria. I'm VERY nervous but also very excited to participate. Sadly, I won't be able to make it there in March but I hope to do so, if ever I take part to another expo later this year.

So there a tiny close up of my frame for the expo....
I'm really not sure how those two will look once finish...!
But anyway it's a start..

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Stars Fairies!

Louis-Phillipe decided to star a drawig club! Another reason for me to draw for fun and practice some color :0-D ! Follow this link to see some illustrator work posted every 2 weeks!http://notreclubdedessin.blogspot.com/

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