Sarbadraw and Back to Quebec city!

I'm back in Quebec after a week of walking around, good food, nice compagny and music! How can I ask for more :)! And i'm actually wondering more and more about moving in the big city in a few months hummm...
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It was my first visit at the Montreal International Game Summit ! It’s was pretty interesting I had the chance to chat a bit with the Character designer of Prince of Persia ( Ubisoft Montreal ) Very interesting aswell :0-D! http://www.sijm.ca/en

And of course I can’t go there without seeing some gigs: http://www.myspace.com/stars

I did a quick stop at Fitchre to give my frame to Martin he had the kindness to put those on the bookstore site there the links! Merci encore Martin :): http://fichtre.qc.ca/Catalogue.asp?Auteur=Morency,%20Val%E9rie

There a shot of the L’Amere à Boire..before the strom one of many nice brewery where you can have some tasty booze in the Montréalopolis! http://www.amereaboire.com/main.HTM

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